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2014-Aug-19 - When desire for fashion leads to violence

When desire for fashion leads to violence

NEW YORK The rise in violent fashion related crime has coalesced around the growing cachet of streetwear and Jaguars Blake Bortles Jersey fashion's embrace of celebrity culture as the crowd skating at the Bryant Park ice rink on Nov. 9 can readily attest.

A 16 year old has been charged with shooting Javier Contreras, 20, at the rink that night after he tried to steal Contreras' Marmot Mammoth parka, commonly known as a "biggie." Adonis Mera, a 14 year old on the rink, was shot in the back.

The jacket was withdrawn from sale at Paragon Sports, its exclusive retailer, joining the dubious category of clothing items so desirable that people will kill for them.

In June, CNN reported that a man who tried to rob customers waiting in line to buy the new $180 LeBron X Denim sneakers by Nike was shot and killed by a customer. The New York Post reported recently that belts made by Gucci and Fendi have also become top targets for muggers.

The phenomenon gathered at a dark pace in the 1980s, focused on sportswear and sneakers. In 1989, Michael Eugene Thomas, a 15 year old from Maryland, was strangled to death over a pair of Nike Air Jordans. Other crimes were committed over Fila sneakers, Avia high tops and Triple Fat Goose jackets. Today, teenagers are targeted for their iPhones.

The shooting was not the first attack related to the Marmot biggie. In January, a young member of the Boys' Club of New York, a social support organization, was shot for his Marmot jacket, according to Meishay Gattis, director of the Harriman Clubhouse at the Boys' Club on the Lower East Side.

"I asked our kids why, and they told me it was probably a form of initiation," Gattis said. "The idea is to get as many differently coloured Marmot jackets as possible, then post the pictures of the jackets on Instagram or Twitter. They call it Skittles."

Kris Gibbs, 22, a part time staff member at the Boys' Club, said he owned two Marmot jackets. The premium was on owning the most expensive Marmot, he said, adding that Pelle Pelle and Moncler are also popular brands.

Adding to the allure of the jacket may have been the fact that the Mammoth parka was discontinued last year. Jordan Campbell, a spokesperson for Marmot Mountain in Santa Rosa, Calif., said the decision was "due to waning sales and warmer winter temperatures," rather than its links to violence. (Paragon had been selling its remaining stock, according to the New York Daily News.)

As to what motivations belie such violence, some point to peer pressure.

"If they don't acquire that Marmot jacket, their status, maybe even their lives, are endangered on the street," Gattis said.

Helen Frank, a spokesperson for the Boys' Club, said the organization tries to offer a different standard for what it means to be a real man.

But good intentions must duel with ravenous consumerism. Gibbs recalled "the big lines and crazy lot of fights" over the Nike Air Jordan 11 Concord sneaker when it was rereleased in 2011.

And Angel Gonzalez, a blogger at Sneaker Freaker magazine, recalled the ruckus when the New Balance x Staple White Pigeon sneaker was released last year. No one was killed or injured, he wrote, "but the intense feeling of that morning is something I will never forget."

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2014-Aug-19 - The man in many parts

The man in many parts

And Rahul Bose tells BHUMIKA K. not to be surprised if she finds him building roads in Rajasthan some day

He's a champion. At his game, in his craft and of causes. A rugby player and an activist who worked quietly for victims of the tsunami in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. An actor with a razor sharp mind and tongue to match. Rahul has just brought back with him much critical acclaim from the Berlin Film Festival where Budhdhadeb Dasgupta's Kaalpurush Rahul's first Bengali acting venture featured in a special panorama."It's a very moving film Budhdhadeb has made and I'm proud of the film and my work in it," he says, getting seriously down to business. "The film is in the Satyajit Ray mould, not the kind you will stand up in the end and clap loudly for. It's very gratifying to note that cinema and creativity can cross boundaries. As long as there's a heart."Rahul is now really picking his films carefully. He's very conscious of the women in his films and his role in their context. He's almost finished shooting his second Bengali film Anuronon. And the man who hates labels says: "You can't classify films by language, but in terms of films I have chosen in that language, yes. Very arthouse, very world cinema." He adds: "After White Noise, Chameli and 15 Park Avenue, there was a perception that I was happy playing the elegant prop to very powerful female actresses. Which, at that time I was. Now I don't want to do that. So I carefully chose four films, each of a totally different genre than the other. In all of them I have a central role and I'm carrying the film," he says. He's also doing something considered freakish by his standards. Pyar Ke Side Effects with Mallika Sherawat! It's a classical romantic comedy, he says. But why do something like that? "Because I've never done one," he says with an incredulous look. "I said I must try this genre once before I die. It's a Tom Hanks Meg Ryan kind of romantic comedy. Witty, contemporary, clean." This is not a mainstream film, he begins to explain. "My definition of arthouse is a film that's not formulaic. Where you don't know what Kony Ealy Jersey will happen next. . But this film is not illogical. That has been my major problem." So there's no singing and dancing? "No there's no changing of clothes in the middle of a scene, no singing. nonsense!!" No item number? "No. It's contemporary. Is there an item number?" he thinks hard as he looks at the ceiling. But clearly, what he's really taken up by is Santosh Sivan's English film Kerala. A period film set way back in 1937, it's a story of friendship between a Malayali boy (Bose) and a British tea planter, who wants to build a road that will open the spice route to the village, in the backdrop of the Indian freedom struggle. "The greatest filmic experience of my life is Kerala. No question. What was not special about that film? It's a Hollywood production. But thank God there are still some companies in Hollywood that make sensible cinema. American producers can be a nightmare. They have tremendous control over a film, unlike in India where the director calls the shots. So I dread it, the interference of producers," he says with wide eyes. But these guys were anything but the stereotype. He's also back after a hiatus of four years when he wrote his first film, the wacky Everybody Says I'm Fine. He wrote The Whisperers, a two man psychological thriller that Manoj Bajpai and he are carrying together. Classic sleuth death trap kind of film in English is how he describes it. So is writing the bigger draw? "I hate writing. Make no mistake about it." Then why write? "Because I have to do it. It comes out of your body. It starts embarrassing you in public places, you know. It's like a growth. Writing's the most tiring thing I've done." Rahul has also been very vocal and passionate over the turn the Jessica Lal murder case has taken. The nation is reacting emotionally, and rightly so, he believes. "This vilification of witnesses is a national shame. When you vilify a witness who's turned hostile, you vilify yourself. Because we as a nation have failed people who have been put in a position of upholding their integrity. This country doesn't make it easy for you to be a faithful witness. There's no witness protection programme. Generally it is regarded that the police can be bought. Kelvin Benjamin Youth Jersey Under these conditions, how dare you blame anyone for turning hostile? I believe there's nothing more important than upholding the values you stand for. If you don't know which values you stand for, that's pathetic. And if you do, and don't uphold them, that's sad." He continues, passionately: "This is the kind of knee jerk reaction that bothers me about the chattering classes. I keep seeing SMSs that say ban Shayan Munshi from the modelling world. What's wrong with you? You ban him, you ban yourself. Because next time this happens, you should have the guts to stand up and say, You can take refuge in my arms.'"

The big teacher

Rahul Bose is also the only actor in the world who straddles both the world of professional rugby and acting. And he's breathless about his game, which he considers a way of life in itself: "It's the single biggest teacher of my life. It's taught me more than my parents; taught me humility and to be a team player. Essentially I'm a loner. It's taught me how to lose. It's taught me to have a hot heart and a cool head. It's a great combination." This year he will play in Germany, Belgium, India and then in England. "And that's if I make it to the Indian team again this year!"At 39, Rahul has led quite a life. He was creative director at ad agency Rediffusion at 26. He quit to act. He's won accolades for his acting and direction. even organised a retrospective of his films recently!Does he fear a burnout? "I don't fear a burnout. I'll do something else then. I'll build a road in Rajasthan or something. I don't know. What's the fear? The fear that the fame will go? Sometimes it's like, Uh. I wish the fame didn't go. I wish the popularity and the smiles. ' But you realise after those two minutes of weak thinking that the ones who love you will always love you. "Taking a creative digThere are actors who simply become brand ambassadors. And then there are actors who chose what they want to endorse. Rahul Bose's streak in the ad world as creative director shows up as he analyses why he chose to endorse Xylys: "I have nothing against doing brand endorsements, except that the fit should be right. It should not be that the brand benefits and you don't benefit at all. Nike and Michael Jordan is the best brand ambassador partnership I've seen. Air Jordan didn't exist till Nike came there. They mythicised and deified Jordan. I'm proud I haven't said yes to anyone else."He gives his reasons for his choice: tremendous respect for the Tata group with a tradition of integrity, nation building and social philanthropy. "Even advertising in India is getting edgier. Then the creative execution. They are not asking me to dance the bhangra. How many celebrities have you seen making an ass of themselves trying to be witty or warm. That's not your image dude, what're you doing? I'm playing rugby in the commercials. And finally the brand proposition the power of X the only person's rules I follow are mine. I've always done that."

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2014-Aug-19 - Lebron James Not Kobe Bryant is the Heir

Lebron James Not Kobe Bryant is the Heir Apparent to Michael Jordan

The era of Michael Jordan is over. It ended with a whimper not a bang, as this star of stars refused to stay retired after his glory days in Chicago. Jordan the man who played his last few seasons with the Washington Wizards packed it up for good in the spring of 2003. As he step down from his lofty throne, Michael laid down his mantle at the feet of the NBA's next superstar, Lebron James. Lebron James entered the league just after Michael retired, picking up Air Jordan's mantle he set about to take his proper place among the immortals of the game. Has he done that yet? If he hasn't, he is well on his way. At this point in his career King James is an all around talent who can carry his team on his back and "will" the lackluster Cleveland Cavaliers into an NBA final. It was a final they would lose this year when the Spurs decided to forget the rest of the Cleveland players and dedicate themselves to stopping Lebron James. Then again, five on one is never good odds.

Where was Kobe when all this was happening you might ask? While I can only speculate, Authentic Khairi Fortt Jersey the NBA scoring machine that is Kobe Bryant was probably watching the action on the biggest plasma TV that money could buy. You could almost close your eyes and see him sitting on an oversized couch wondering why life without Shaq has not been kinder to him.

But reality can be rather cruel at times, and while I take nothing away from the talent that is Kobe Bryant, he is not on the same plane as Lebron James. James who excels at all facets of the game can take a team and make it better. He can force his will upon a game like he did a year ago against the Piston, and produce a triple double, while leading his team to victory against impossible odds, a trait he shares in common with Jordan. Kobe for all his wondrous talents cannot do the same.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a big Kobe fan, honest I am. When the Lakers were in town a year ago I had tickets to see the man play. He is one of the few players that I would pay for good seats to watch play, and Kobe did not disappoint. Coming in fresh from a game in Miami where he had scored by the bucket full, Kobe adjusted his game in Orlando and scored only 21 points but handed out 9 assists in the process. In that game he showed a side to him I had not see before, he was far from the selfish player he has been labeled and seemed willing to work his teammates into the game. Yet something was missing from him. He did not possess the leadership quality that I had seen in Jordan when he came to town, or which James currently possess.

So despite the fact that his stats are almost always fantastic, and we marvel collectively when he comely drops in 60 or 80 points in a game, there is just no getting around the fact that Lebron James is the better player. He is the better player because despite both men having a load of talent, Lebron can "will" his team to victory, and Kobe can't.

As I think back on the career of Michael Jordan and the immergence of Lebron James, I can only say, "The king is dead, long live the king." King James that is.

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2014-Aug-19 - New Jordan shoes cause nationwide shopping

New Jordan shoes cause nationwide shopping frenzy

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SEATTLE Scuffles broke out and police were brought in to quell unrest that nearly turned into riots across the nation Friday following the release of Nike's new Air Jordan basketball shoes a retro model of one of the most popular Air Jordans ever made.

The mayhem stretched from Washington state to Georgia and was reminiscent of the violence that broke out 20 years ago in many cities as the shoes became popular targets for Tavon Rooks Youth Jersey thieves. It also had a decidedly Black Friday feel as huge crowds of shoppers overwhelmed stores for a must have item.

In suburban Seattle, police used pepper spray on about 20 customers who started fighting at the Westfield Southcenter mall. He said it started as fighting and pushing among people in line and escalated over the next hour.

Murphy said no injuries were reported, although some people suffered cuts or scrapes from fights.

"He did not get his shoes; he went to jail," Murphy said.

The $180 shoes went on sale Friday in a limited release at stores, and the lines began forming several hours before businesses opened.

As the crowds kept growing through the night, they became more unruly and ended in vandalism, violence and arrests. The 20 year old man was expected to recover from his injuries.

In Georgia, officers said they had to break a car window to get two toddlers out after a woman went in after the shoes. They said she was taken into custody when she returned to the car.

No injuries were reported, but police said a 24 year old suspect was taken into custody. The gun apparently went off inadvertently, the Contra Costa Times reported. to get a pair. After the first store he tried was too crowded, he moved on to a second location and scored a pair.

"I probably could have used a half a size smaller, but I was just really happy to have the shoe," he said.

The frenzy over Air Jordans has been dangerous in the past. Some people were mugged or even killed for early versions of the shoe, created by Nike Inc. in 1984.

The Air Jordan has since been a consistent hit with sneaker fans, spawning a subculture of collectors willing to wait hours to buy the latest pair. Some collectors save the shoes for special occasions or never take them out of the box.

A new edition was launched each year, and release dates had to be moved to the weekends at some points to keep kids from skipping school to get a pair.

But the uproar over the shoe had died down in recent years. These latest incidents seem to be part of trend of increasing acts of violence at retailers this holiday shopping season, such as the shopper who pepper sprayed others at a Wal Mart in Los Angeles on Black Friday and crowds looting a clothing store in Authentic Ronald Powell Jersey New York.

Nike issued a statement in response to the violence that said: "Consumer safety and security is of paramount importance. We encourage anyone wishing to purchase our product to do so in a respectful and safe manner."

The retro version of the Air Jordan 11 was a highly sought after shoe because of the design and the fact that the original was released in 1996 when Jordan and the Bulls were at the height of their dominance.

Pulver said they were a "defining shoe in Jordan's career."

Other disturbances reported at stores in places like Kentucky and Nebraska ranged from shoving and threats to property damage. Police say a 21 year old man was arrested.

In Toledo, Ohio, police said they arrested three people after a crowd surged into a mall.

In Lithonia, Ga., at least four people were apparently arrested after customers broke down a door at a store selling the shoes. DeKalb County police said up to 20 squad cars responded.

In Northern California, two men were arrested at a Fairfield mall after crowds shoved each other to get in position for the Nikes, police said.

In Stockton, Detective Joe Silva said a person was taken into custody at Weberstown Mall on suspicion of making criminal threats involving the shoes. Police also were investigating an attempted robbery in the mall's parking lot. The victim was wrongly believed to have just purchased Air Jordans.

In Tukwila, Officer Murphy said the crowd was on the verge of a riot and would have gotten even more out of hand if the police hadn't intervened.

About 25 officers from Tukwila and surrounding areas responded. Murphy said police smelled marijuana and found alcohol containers at the scene.

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2014-Aug-19 - Police Officer Accused of Stealing Pricey Sneakers

Police Officer Accused of Stealing Pricey Sneakers During Drug Raid

A veteran police sergeant in North Texas was arrested Tuesday and accused of stealing fancy new tennis shoes during a drug raid.

Sgt. Antoine Williams, 37, a supervisor in the Sammy Watkins Kids Jersey Fort Worth Police Department's narcotics unit, took the sneakers during a search of a suspected drug house in East Fort Worth on Oct. 16, according to court documents.

Two officers involved in the raid reported what had happened, and the department's Special Investigations Section searched Williams' Arlington home on the following day, the documents said. Inside, investigators seized four pairs of shoes, including Air Jordans similar to the shoes missing in the drug raid.

The original drug raid quickly drew the attention of neighbors in the 4800 block of Richardson Street in Fort Worth.

"We looked at the window . and police was everywhere, and they had the big old shotguns," Tanya Stephenson said.

Narcotics officers said in a sworn statement to obtain the search warrant that they had made some undercover drug buys from the man who lives there, Marquis Green.

But Green, 21, said police didn't find what they were looking for.

"They didn't find no drugs in the house at all," he said. "They just took shoes that I ain't never wore."

As police were raiding his house, two officers pulled him over nearby, accused him of running a red light and took him to jail, Green said. He insists that he never ran any red light.

After a night in jail, he noticed several pairs of brand new, expensive shoes were missing from his closet, along with a "Grand Theft Auto" video game and thousands of dollars in cash that he and his girlfriend were saving to rent an apartment, Green said.

Police reported finding $1,060 in the raid, but Green said he had closer to $3,000.

According to court documents, two officers tipped off the department that Williams, who was in charge of the drug raid, kept the pricey shoes.

Green's sister, who lives with him, said police officers who steal are no better than criminals.

"It's OK if you take the stuff you come to take, but don't take extra," Antquenette Green said.

"They is the bad guys, really," Marquis Green said. "They just got a badge on their side; that's the only thing."

Court records show Marquis Green has been arrested several times over the past few years on drug possession and theft charges.

Williams remains on restricted duty at the police department, which means he cannot carry a gun or badge.

He is the third Fort Worth police officer to be fired or accused of a crime in recent weeks.

Last month, Officer Douglas Campbell was arrested on charges of theft, official oppression and sexual assault in a scandal involving prostitutes.

On Oct. 11, Officer Ben Hanlon was fired after the department said he lied about the circumstances surrounding a drug arrest. Hanlon was involved in the fatal shooting of a Fort Worth homeowner earlier in the year.

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2014-Aug-19 - Are you ready for the future of the new Jordan 2014

Are you ready for the future of the new Jordan 2014

Are you ready for the future of Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jordan in 2014? Tomorrow 10:00, Jordan Brand will open flying laboratory, although details were not disclosed everything, what you can expect in the future with Jordan retro heritage and long term plans. This teaser photo, it offers a variety of New Air Jordans 2014 models hodgepodge, this is Jordan Brand is leaving us, but there is also a commitment to win against Michael Jordan. One of the Wholesale NFL Jerseys next future, the Air Jordan sneakers double tool Jordan 11 with a mixture, and New South Wales to find the upper and asymmetrical lace weave these new colors. Here are the highlights of the shoe who has been behind some of the most prominent face of the new brand of high end models of the players at the foot of a new color. Has established a standard cold outsole, with the desired top of Cheap Jerseys the standby Cheap NFL Jerseys time of 3M woven around this shoe. When you view the complete preview with the rest of us, and stay tuned, this pair of Jordan future local trainers will be your point.

This post is contributed by a community member. Everyone is welcome to submit a post to Patch. If you like to post a blog, go here to get Wholesale Jerseys started.

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